About the center

Center for information and legal support of development of the Arctic

Based on the basic principle of "no development areas - no business development, no business development, no development of the territory", the main objects of information and legal support from CIARA are as a territory and business. This is one of the essential differences forming patterns from the others operating in this field.

Based on the fact that the development of the Arctic zone is now a critical Federal priority of global importance and integrating the interests of the state and the business community to their economic, humanitarian, ecological, scientific and national security interests, the main objectives of the Centre are:

- monitoring and analysis of media sources, and other available Russian and foreign information related to Arctic issues; formation of a database of information on the Arctic; preparation of analytical reviews to entities and structures which are directly involved in the elaboration and adoption of decisions;

- analysis of Russian and international legislations governing legal inter-state relations in the context of cooperation in the Arctic;

- participate in the development and implementation of the Russian Arctic territorial and business policies, including investment projects aimed at socio-economic development of the Arctic zone of Russia;

- study and promotion of "best practices Arctic" in the Arctic interests of subjects of the Russian Federation;

- geographic information system (GIS) monitoring of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and adjacent territories, as an interim measure the development of the Arctic and the involvement of actors in the macro-region that need the information support of its activities;

- comprehensive analysis and forecast of the socio-economic situation in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (annual report);

- initiation and support of projects of the state and business on development of the Arctic;

- assistance by promoting information to enhance research and education level in the country on development of territories of the Arctic zone, their investment attractiveness;

- track priorities and aspirations of the other Arctic countries and other geopolitical players to strengthen its presence in the Arctic, including military-strategic, to the detriment of the interests and security of Russia.